Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Transferred from Low Earth Orbit, originally posted 2011.02.14 19:58.

I linked to it in the previous post, but I’ve just put my music genre name generator through a round of lexical and algorithmic improvements, so I recommend a look at it. As also mentioned in the previous post, I warn you that it can be quite addictive.

In addition, if you find one genre at a time is not enough, you can get a listing of a hundred of them at a time. (Update 2018: Not working currently. Single-genre generator is still online though, and it's been revamped to work purely client-side.)

Some of my favorites since I’ve been working on it today — I’ve been obliged to load the hundred-genres page each time I tweaked it, in order to check for mess-ups, and I copied the best results into a txt file — have been

  • pubstep
  • roboclash thrash
  • witch wonky
  • gore grunge-gogo
  • polka-punk proto-breaks
  • hyperbilly ghettobop
  • sadgamelan
  • lovers thrash
  • doom bop
  • hypnagogic hyper-punk
  • basement psychopsych
  • tropical gangsta ambient
  • dadcore
  • trance-trance rave-trance
  • classic ballroom industrial
  • post-minimal paleo-ragtime anti-dancehall
  • post-rave noise-polka
  • conceptual K-punk
  • beachwave
  • arena gamelan
  • album-oriented blues-blues blues concrète
  • crust-funk

I’m pretty sure there are quadrillions of possible combinations, and it’s those alliterative, cognitively dissonant, and roll-off-the-tongue-in-a-special-way ones that keep me coming back.

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